Option fr suppressor-height sights

Hey guys, this topic has been bugging me for a while.
To get right into it, the Maine problem is the height of the sights when a suppressor is attached to a pistol. You can’t see while aiming down the sights, because the suppressor covers them up.

My suggestion is one of three things, or maybe a combination.

  1. Add “suppressor height” sights on pistols.
  2. Add red dot sights for pistols, so we can see while aiming.
  3. Add red/green lasers into the game that we can turn off and on, so we can at least have some idea where the bullets going.

I think that it is pretty realistic to not see anything while ADS with suppressors, but I do like the idea of lasers!

Just bare in mind that the game is set in late 80’s.

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Suppressors used to be even bigger, but they were downsized for the sake of gameplay. I’ve been able to aim with silenced pistols, is there a specific one you have in mind?

Well, all of the pistols seem to have this kind of issue, but the one I have noticed it the most with was the Klouche 17.

Although you are correct, the suppressors did use to be larger, so it is nice to have smaller ones in the game.

Suppressor height sights do exist, however, so it’s not that far off to add them (or lasers) to the game. Of course, it’s all up the devs.