Optional 3rd Person (Over the Shoulder) Camera Idea / Request

Hi! This is my first time posting on this forum and I ended up creating an account just to make this request, I’ve been playing Generation Zero since release and I love it! The exploration and combat are loads of fun and very intense at times with those crazy bots! After trying out the bike and seeing the emotes, the one thing I would really like to see added is an optional 3rd person camera much like the one you see in Skyrim and Fallout 4. The character models and animations in my opinion are absolutely fantastic and it’d be cool to see my player model in an over the shoulder perspective exploring and blasting machines, because for me it is very atmospheric and cool like RE and Dead Space for example. With this we can further appreciate the high detail character models and all of the varieties of clothing as well. An option to toggle it in the game settings tab on the in-game pause menu right beside the FOV slider would do nicely I think. This way players who still wish to play traditionally in 1st person like my co-op friend still can and players like me who like seeing our character can play in 3rd person. Cheers and thanks for creating this gem of a game and I will appreciate the devs forever (As I am sure plenty of others will too) if this purely optional feature was ever added in on a future update. For me personally it is the one pinch of seasoning missing from a delicious broth!


Welcome to the community! :wink:

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Thanks, I appreciate that! May I ask what your stance is on this request? Would it be possible to implement do you think?

Sure why not? Personally I wouldn’t use it but some people for whatever reason just like that. It surely can’t be that hard to implement it.

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