Options menu Perminant setting


Can you make it so when adjusting things in the options menu you can set it so it stays that way permanently. Having to go in every time i log into the game and reset the audio from Swedish to English is a small pain.

Also can you adjust the sounds of walking. In real life i wear heavy boots for work. So i know that my feet don’t sound like an elephant walking. Even on gravel my foot steps a pretty quiet.



Strange i don’t have that problem are you on pc or xbox mine stays set to English could maybe be a bug or something


I’m on PC.

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Hey, I mentioned the resetting of the audio settings already and it seems that they heard us.
With the last patch this problem was fixed. Now my audio settings remains on Englisch and I play on PC too.


Yeah i think my issue was due to the problems i was having with the update re-downloading over and over again. now that that has been fixed it is staying on English now.

But i still sound like an elephant stomping around when i walk. regardless of whether I’m wearing boots or tennis shoes.


Hm, I never heard as loud as you discrib it or as they would disturb me, so I can’t support you here.


It ought to reflect what shoes you have on - I have little tennis shoe-things and it still makes a noise like I’ve got steel toe-capped boots on. I crouch to move most of the time, 'cos it drives me crazy…