Order of the Safehouse collectable photos in the collectable log. (Spoiler)

  • It can be troublesome to find the last of the 91 safehouse collectable photos. But they do seem to appear in the log in a order that is the same for everybody. Some photos do not have distinctive names, like the camps, so I added approximate coordinates for them.

  • Note, that Mullvadsberget Ring Fort is not included in the collectables nor are the safehouses on Himfjäll island.

  • Btw, on the back of each photo you find coordinates of other safehouses.

If you find that I made a mistake somewhere, please let me know.

Spoiler - Open list click here

1 Yttervik
2 Stenhaga
3 Iboholmen church
4 Salthamn
5 Vesslan Bunker
6 Stenudden lighthouse
7 Hastvik
8 Saltholmen Church
9 Saltholmsbro
10 Dyvik
11 Angeras Church -4095, 1770
12 Lannbacka
13 Fiskeback
14 Annatorp
15 Syllavik (Church) which is mistakenly named Angeras Church on the map
16 Breviken Camping
17 Lannbacka Brygga
18 Minken bunker
19 Aso
20 Hisingnas Hidden Camp -3812, 3708 (SC)
21 Savered Archeology camp -3028, 2052 (SC)
22 Solhojden Coastal cave -5168, 4089 (SC)
23 Sillavik Hidden Camp -3055, 3631 (SC)
24 Hinsevik ferry pier
25 Hissingafyren Lighthouse
26 Knapperanna
27 Lysehamn
28 Tokerod Farm
29 Torsberga Fort
30 Sandbo
31 Valinge Church
32 F23 Airfield
33 Sorken bunker
34 Boo bruk AB
35 Averholm Cave -70, -2266 (FL)
36 Broskulla
37 Avern Lakeside Camp at 502, -2405. (NC)
38 Rusaberget Lake Camp -2282, 826 (M)
39 Boo Church
40 Farstaborg
41 Lilla hammernas
42 Anl 182 Hasslehed
43 Anl 144 Vidsele -3271, 3430 (SC)
44 Åsötungan Outpost Camp
45 Anl 144 Vidsele 296, -1286 (name is wrong should really be Anl 126 östra mark) (FL)
46 Jagarstugan
47 Nydala
48 Stora dyrbo
49 Osterviks Industriograde
50 Parlsjon Lager
51 Marden Bunker
52 Skåleklippans Jägtläger
53 Kyrkhojden
54 Helgaryd
55 Granhygget
56 Hiker’s barrack
57 IGA
58 Kaptenvillan
59 Camp Vargen stone ship at 953, -2584
60 Paskallaholm
61 Lennarts Marin AB (unlocks when you do the Mission “Not Alone” to start DLC Alpine Unrest)
62 Uttern Bunker
63 Algstugan
64 Jaktlagret
65 Klinte
66 St. Maria Church
67 Narkudden
68 Hjalmars Stuga
69 Muskudden Port Complex
70 Vassholmens Skytteclubb
71 Annagruvan
72 Skvadern Bunker
73 Camp Norrmyratrasket -1921, -3839 (ML)
74 Anl 118 Farela
75 Borgakulan
76 Stenmyra
77 Rusksele
78 Karl-Erik lighthouse
79 Hemmanskogen Logging Camp
80 Aspenas
81 Nilsson’s Marinbygg AB
82 Hermelinen Bunker
83 Lovnas
84 Arkelstorp
85 Jarvhalan
86 Alby Church
87 Farudden Radar Mast
88 Hagaboda
89 Burgaskogen
90 Littorp
91 Kalkbrottet


It’s interesting that Lennarts Marin AB (61) is included. Isn’t it just a safehouse, if you own Alpine Unrest?
On the other hand, Mullvadsberget Ring Fort is an original safehouse, but missing. There is just the warboard in the underground that belongs to FNIX Rising.

@SR_Carni Can you confirm?

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I just went there using my 2nd world with 2nd player, and Lennarts Marin AB unlocked, but I did not have the DLC Alpine Unrest loaded. So not sure if it was not a main game safehouse.

Sidelings related: Remember that I said a while back, that all the NPC were gone in the Ringfort, and I could not understand why. I found it out today. When I turned of the DLCs, FNIX Rising and Alpine Unrest, it seems that that was the reason for the missing NPCs. When I turned the DLCs on again and travelled to the ringfort, the NPCs and loot all were there again. :grinning:

I just remember that there was a plundra, but I wasn’t able to unlock it as safehouse, before I bought Alpine Unrest.
I can’t check it on Playstation, because there is no way to install a game without already bought DLC or to deactivate them temporarly.

And I’m too lazy to just start a new game with another PSN-Account :crazy_face:

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Oke, the safehouse at Lennarts Marin AB was there before Alpine Unrest came out. Check out this old map. So the picture collectable for Lennarts Marin AB is good.


Thanks for adding the list. It helps to find the last one I was searching for! :sunglasses::+1:

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@Madchaser, you are right, :partying_face: I was playing in new world, and indeed only after I started the mission “Not Alone” and picked up the Anita’s Walkietalkie at Lennart’s Marin, the savehouse unlocked.
I have deleted my post saying otherwise.

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Ok, there is the proof that the photo of and the hint to the Lennarts Marin safehouse should be removed from base game, as this safehouse belongs to Alpine Unrest…