Osterhallen stand off

I am going through trying to collect all weapons at locations on the map. Have about 99% of them, just need a few from Alpine Unrest DLC. There is a house in Osterhallen where people put up one he** of a last stand. Now the second floor porch is locked, found a key but cannot pick it up. Idk what I am missing but I just cannot seem to get those last two weapons from Osterhallen.

Also if anyone has any idea how to get into the locked armory building directly next to the Bjorntunet Hotel. I have scoured the hotel and cannot find a key.

Other than that the game is just shy of 100%. By far one of the, if not the best game that has come to console in the last decade.

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The locked armory building will have the door unlocked only when doing a certain mission, the other one i`m not seeing where it is.

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IIrc, both buildings/doors only get unlocked within missions !?

The one from the resistance was something with power loss in the hotel and the other one I don’t remember exactly but when I unlocked the frontdoor (but it stays barricaded iIrc) of the house, the upper door to the balcony was also unlocked and you can get the AK-47. At least I think it ws an AK-47, didn’t pay much attention to it as I didn’t need it.

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Side mission: “Father and Son”.

Main mission: “Fighting the Cold”.

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Thank you, I would have been a member when the game first came out. I didn’t realize I needed to sign up. Noticed not a lot of people are not trying to 100% the game.

Thank you. Those are actually the few side missions I haven’t done yet. Lol. Go figure.

Is everyone online playing GZ? Or are there more solo players like me out there?

Hard to say but it seems co-op is more prevalent than solo play.

I’m solo player, been that since GZ’s launch. At times, i do MP with random people but mainly i play solo.

Btw, there is no “need” to join the forums. I didn’t join from the beginning as well. Only when i experienced game-breaking bug, i joined the forums to report it, which also got fixed in next update. :wink:

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Ahmen to that. Well I wasn’t able to ask any questions or reply to people’s questions before I joined. Which is ok. I wanted to report Every toolbox was empty back in early 2019, but couldn’t figure it out. But at the same time I didn’t care. Beat the game with half of the health pack They offer now. 650 deaths so far. Haha.

I usually dont play online because makes the game boring and easy, Tanks are down sometimes in seconds (once one was taken down in 40 seconds with 4 people shooting at it), i prefer solo, no one bothers me and it gives some challenge (or at least fighting spirit) to the machines.
So yeh another lone Hunter over here :wink: .

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Are you talking about completing the missions?
I have a theory but i might be wrong
I reached the conclusion that the game is more interesting if you don`t finish some missions, because certain areas are populated by enemies, and after the missions are finished they are now empty.
My problem is…i did every single mission (i mean Every Single one!), so certain areas are now more deserted :sweat_smile::sob::sob::sob: .
If this is the reason for some people not trying to reach 100% or not…remains to be answered.