Ostertorn Trip Advisor

I was so disappointed with the welcome in this Klinte pizzeria, staff very rude and a bit shooty
Avoid :star:


Is this the Pizzeria in Hagaboda or where is this?

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Klinte, he said. :wink:


:man_facepalming: Who can read has a clear advantage :laughing:


lol, very good and honest review. On the plus side they didnt mind putting pineapple on mine.

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Dam I must tip more :unamused::grimacing:

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I was i Klinte but no runner. I think he has seen me come and run away. But the Pizza Diavolo wasn’t bad.


We need more of outlets of Neebs Gaming Uncle Thick :slight_smile:

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To be fair, the pizza is to die for.


Ouch ! :laughing::laughing::laughing:………………………

Bows to show respect to fellow Neebs fan.


Their Land Mine pizza was a little crusty, but not too bad.

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Uncle Thick definitely does need to be an NPC in the game.

NPC description: Somebody that wanders around not really knowing what they are doing but doing stuff anyways.

He is definitely someone who is like a flag in the wind. Everything he does is just for his (commercial) advantage.

I don’t wonder that / if he is working together with fnix. (@NeebsGaming) Imagine seekers flying around and doing advertising for his products.

On the other hand he could deliver people to fnix as prisoners for experimental purposes.

Of course he is a target of the soviets.