Östra Mark Weapon Problem

This haystack won’t let me pick up the gun
Platform: PC
Host or Client: Host
Players in your game: 1

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Thanks for the report. Looks like those haybale props got added by accident.

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Really? “Oops, I accidently placed there some haybale props perfectly.”
Well, at least something has been forgotten to do there.

I would really love to see how the editor for adding props and changing the world looks like. Do you think it’s possible to get something like a snapshot of a devs diary? (“hey folks, here are a few seconds to show you live how our daily work looks like, when revamping the world”)

this “error” is still present today and there is no way to grab the weapon that is on the straw or at least not that I know of

I can confirm that this issue has not been solved yet.