Other idea to decrease/increase difficulty

There has been lots of talks about robot AI. And some difficulty changes, new game+ options like Far Cry 5. One post particularly lead to this idea. Didnt find the post, cant throw mention to starter.

I have previously give suggestion of loot abundance to little increase game difficulty, and make you more relay on items you find on the world.

Idea is simple, setting to change robot AI aggression level. 100% as it is now. Between 50% - 200%(300%).

Higher the value, more aggressive AI would be, more weapon usage, missiles, etc. Faster reactions when you peak from windows or doorways.

Example Military Hunter spamming gas grenades all over houses to flush you out. Now its like they shoot once, and you just wait out other corner of the house.
Or sometimes still you see robots just stand distance from your cover, house, and you pretty much get free shots.

I know that AI path calculation is CPU heavy. So hoping this more aggressive robots giving more extreme danger with same amount of robots we have now.


FNIX approves of this post. :+1:

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