Our story so far :)

First of i want to say that me and my friends like the game alot ! :). We have had a blast looking thro empty towns and wondering where all the peopel went. listening to phone answering machines and get bits and peices of the story.

Tho as the game is right now, we just cant play any further. we get glitches and buggs to that point where we just run around and loot and after a short while quit. We have bunkers that wont open no matter how many barcodes we manage to get or if they dropp any at all. our safe zones gets wiped so we have to run from the start zone atleast 1 of 4 game sessions and i even lost my character so i had to start all over again.

we have seen alot of graphic glitches where rockformations are hovering above ground and grass that does the same. tho those graphic glitches are not the reason why we are taking a break and waiting for a patch to get released.

The story gets a bit ruined when we run into quests that we cant compliet due to quest items that wont spawn in or you just cant pick them up. or quests that you do finish but it wont give you the quest finish status.

We hope that a patch releases soon so we can get back in and hopefully get the full story and have a blast getting from town to town :). this post was not ment to rant on the game just to tell you and the developers our perspective of the game. Sorry for any miss spelling.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day ! :slight_smile:

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