Overall Feedback/Impressions and wishlist for improvement

Yes and this shouldnt be any case where it is important to able to fire back and not get cornered and die coz your gun isnt reloading even you press the button x times.

What I do for this is make a second character and that is where all of my unused attachments and guns go, so I have a character that is only for trading, but can still deposit in the same storage box. Maybe a little cheaty, but if you make it your account shares a storage box, this is what happens.

simply also shouldnt be the case to need a “storagecharacter” or would you always call your best friend in such scenario to bring you your stuff? makes no sense does it?:wink:

it does not make much sense, but then again the recycling station was introduced so you could make you unwanted guns and attachments into something useful. If this is the only fate for our guns and attachments then I hope there will be something better we can craft them into at the very least: 5* AI-76 gets made into like 10 steel and 7 plastic, and we can’t make something that useful with it yet. Admittedly this system has just been introduced, so we can’t expect that much.

Actually, recycling 5* AI-76 gives you 7 adhesive and 12 steel. Though, there are weapons which do give steel and plastic when recycled, e.g 2* HP5 gives 3 adhesive, 7 steel and 7 plastic.

Though, crafting is still in it’s infancy and it will be expanded in future updates.

Is there a way to hide the text chat? It’s big, distracting, and I would like to turn it off or hide it. :confused:

None that i’m aware of.

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that never bothered me but i guess it would be a nice option to be able to turn that off. :+1:

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