Overall Feedback/Impressions and wishlist for improvement

Hey there lovely Community,

First things first,
really really nice game with a shitload of potential, so i hope you devs keep it up and continue to work on this project.

Now to the actual part as i thought every feedback pro or cons can only help.

-Map design/graphics-
Really great job, game looks great and runs smooth even tho performancewise can always made some improvements.
The Map is huge and nicely designed, maybe a bit too much copy/paste but i can understand this kind of work due to the mere size of the Map itself.
Theres always something to explore/discover especially some “eastereggs and weird stuff (not gonna spoiler)”
There should a way to temporaly mark more buildings on the Map, like i was there and there and there to not get confused what was alrdy checked and what not.
So simplified more option on the Map itself to place Waymarks and other usefull stuff as “Locked building” come back later with lockpicks or when u have the skill OR you have a friend who has it.

Feels okay and direct enough, Jumping is a bit finnicky here and there especially near ledges etc.
Nice to be able to sprint AND reload.
Sadly some parts of mere movement feels laggy or rather said delayed such as swapping weapons or reloading sometimes. had often cases were i had to press 4-5-6 times the reloadbutton to actual reload.
This should have priority over the rest of movement or behaiviouroptions such as ADS.
Also ur not able to ON/OFF ur flashlight while ADS.
This NEEDs overworking as this is important towards some Tactical behaiviours.
Sadly there is also no minor climbing as over fences u cant barely jump over.
Maybe in this case to try implement some minor type of parkouring.
Also properly hiding behind covers would be great as if you only crouch you often still get hit here and there unless the cover is so big you cant aim either.

I know just more or less partly implemented but i hope to see way more of this as nearly all craftingmaterials are by now redundant.
As there is no Armorsystem (yet) i hope to see more “clothing” to be able to be modified and also i hope there will be way more ways to modify our stuff. Not only the 4-5 ingame yet.
Looking forward to see stuff like More stamina, Higher detectionrange to see when to get spotted, recoilreduction, reloadspeed, just more or less basic support which can make a difference in builds.
But not as major to turn the tide alone for battles.
Also there need to be actual Craftingoptions such as “craft medikits” or maybe acual crafting of tickpods as tech. Or different Craftingoptions bound to Specializations to make them in a different way also usefull.
There is obv no need to craft Ammuntion as this drops so much i cant even use all of it on max difficulty.

There need to be more work as for now the most usefull ones are tech and the DMG to the far left hand.
Id like to see several more Trees there and some perk reworked or completly changed.
Also the way to progress in the trees is kinda annoying as you NEED to spend points on stuff u actually dont wanna use or are simply redundant but still you need to waste at least 1 point in them to progress.
Even little options to jump from left to right in one tree would alrdy help a lot there.
Like first tree first perks are ADS speed and Reloadspeed, I need in both at least 1 point to progress on respective “branches” but if i could skill Reloadspeed and jump from there to the second row LEFT it would alrdy be a great help and improvement towards the skillprogression.
As for new Trees id like to see some actual Support/Tank/DPS etc build and not such mixed up stuff where its nothin full nor half.
Supporter with Defensive or Offensive buff options for a grp would be great.
Tank who actually would have some options to attract the attention to make it possible have some control over the battlefield.
DPSbuild should rely more on chosen weaponary like proper support for snipers, AR users, shotguns etc.
There need to be a way to Resett all skillpoint under certain circumstances like ONCE after reaching max level or do a special quest which is only available every now and then.
But there needs to be a way especially in case there will be new Trees as its no fun to always start a new char from scratch only for a respec.

Is a mess. Informations are way too big and forced into you eyesight constantly. workaround…make tootipps which only appears on mouseovers.
The listoption also wasnt the best idea. theres so much to manage here and there and then u have to scroll around and search.
Theres also no need for a picture of a weapon to be literally 2/3 of the screen.
while crucial informations are missing like proper numbers of a dmgvalue/ RPM etc.
Especially as a new gamer there is not much of an indication of WHAT ammo the selced weapon is using.
Also there NEED to be a proper sortingsystem as literally everything is all over the place.
The whole layout need to be reworked in my opinion to make it smoother and simply better to use and manage.
And we need more Storagespace, despite Ammo and all other things like medkit etc are kinda heavy depending on the amount. epsecially Ammo stacked is heavy and literally eats away 90% of the storage. so either Ammo no weight or storagespace at least doubled or even more.

Decent feeling on all Weapons so far, id wish for way more different Weapons.
Attachments is another thing tho.
You dont want a “scope” on an AR. Needs way more options like different iron sight, other “nonmagnifying” optics for ARs and normal handguns and shotguns.
Especially as Scopes insanly decreses your ADSspeed which is a pain on shorter ranges.
What i also like to see are more options/slots such for underbarrelgrips or maybe a mounted flashlight with a tighter lightcone than the one were using normally with less attraction to enemies on a different area of effect. like a spotlight.


Apparel are great. so much stuff in a game like this even tho its actually completly redundant is still a nice to have.
Sadly the mere amount of “double” stuff you get over and over and over is annoying, especially when you are hunting Rivals and get one and the same apparel 40 times in a row even tho there is so much other stuff missing.
I think at that doubles shouldnt be a thing anymore to take a bit time of this out of the game as ppl are still not having certain things after 500h of farming.

Despite of what a lot of ppl say in the forums and on steam i think a levelcap IS A MUST and NO the difficulties are not TOOO HARD.
Ppl who say that have no clue to play such a game properly.

That said, i hope you guys enjoy dev the game as much as i did/do playing it and hope you will improve it more and more. Keep it up



To put it simply, you can.

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All of the ones you mentioned are all ready implemented into the game. If you are confused about the higher detection range thing you mentioned, you need to get spotting intel and use your binoculars on tech view to see the stuff on the robot.

To put it simple, learn to properly read :sweat_smile:

So my can I sprint and be reloading @ the same time?

Learn to read 2.0, i meant as crafted attributes coz its under the section “crafting”
so i wasnt talking about the skilltree perks.
The options for crafting atm are noisereduction, bullet and exploresistance, visabilityreduction and what…falldmg resist.

FFS yes u can. it was A NICE YOU CAN DO THIS! thats a plus. i didnt only mention things which are NOT in the game.

This got doubled (pretty much) in the march update, I don’t think there will be anymore in the next update or anytime soon.

I know, its still not enough considering how much weight is on ammunition etc. like i said around 90% of the storage is only for ammo, not counted in all the other items + weapons and attachments.

I must say I agree with you here. You are a teenager who has next to no experience with guns (probs) and you are thrown into a world with giant killer robots. Of course it is going to be hard. And the level cap is something that is need, I just wish there was a way you could switch your skills points from one thing to another thing, even if you had to earn them back again (and it took longer to get them as you were a higher level).

exacly. it is a pretty realistic scenario and your not some kind of superhuman elitesoldier. so obv its hard and most likely impossible under normal circumstances but in this case it has to be doable.
a increased levelcap to maybe 40 would make sense as 31 is kind of wanky number^^
also a proper way to resett is needed as mentioned you cant always make a complete new char when u maybe simply missskilled yourself and scrap not a lil amount of time spent to level this char.

There is a 2x red dot scope which barely increases your view and your ADS stays almost the same.

i know but i said explicit “NON-magnifying”
and even the 2x does decrease your ADS quite a bunch. i just tested it mere 30min ago again to see if i have to adjust my topic here again as i wasnt entirely sure if it was correct for the red dot 2x

Sorry about that, I didn’t read it properly.

Dont worry mate, it can happen.
It just sounded in first case so dumb and passive aggressive that i was slightly triggered :innocent:

No offence intended by this, but couldn’t you just use no scope? Looking at what you are saying there is no benefit to using a scope for you. I don’t use one on my shotgun.

This happens all the time for me when I use my shotgun but not really for anything else.

To all those ppl complaining bout not having enough ammo, I present this! Just be conscious of your ammo and aim.

i dont use any on AR nor shotgun but only due the fact that there are no proper ones.
And im just not a friend of standard iron sights on such weapons and due the fact that there are opticattachments available i could say “there need to be simply some without magnification as it hinders normal ADS” and not everyone uses non ADS fireing (hipfire) as its more unaccurate and ammomanagment is an important aspect of such a game.

I agree there. it was for those ppl who complain. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: