Overexposed snow

PS4. All areas where there is a lot of snow. Extreme overexposure. Can’t see terrain details, can’t see
enemy machines. Especially bad on Himfjall Island. All areas look normal at night.

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The issue most likely is with your TV/monitor since so far, you’re the only one reporting this kind of issue.

It’s easy to test that, just plug your PS4 behind different TV/monitor and look if the issue remains.

Try playing around with your TVs settings (contrast, brightness, etc.). If you have turned on any settings like dynamic contrast, dynamic brightness, etc - turn them off.

While I haven’t reported about this issue (at least not that I can remember), I do remember having had this issue (or similar) as well on Himfjäll in the past. Now I haven’t seen it in a long while. I don’t recall it being as bad as what the OP wrote (terrain details/machines), but it was very bright (tested on two different PCs, with different monitors and gfx cards).

I haven’t had problems with the overexposure before, just started recently. I’m on PS4 and have not
changed any tv settings. Other areas that are bright, but have no snow look normal.
Since no one else is having this problem, maybe it’s a setting that needs to be adjusted on my console. Either that or I need sunglasses. Thanks for the replies!