Overspawn in small locations


Locations in south… Just after first location.
In every village with 4-6 houses… I had 2-3 collsus, 4-5 hunters, 7-10 dogs…

In location 2 bunkers was only 5-7 dogs, 1-2 hunters…

Is normal?

If you’re talking about the South islands and no it should be much less. If you’re talking about the southern part of the huge area then yes that sounds about right.
Once you move out of the islands in the south the game gets more difficult and strategy becomes a bigger thing.

But in bunker is small and few houses too much… Think is a bug.

On military base 2-3 min all clean… In a small village about 30 min… Where logic)?

There’s a good chance that some of the forces in the small village were actually roving patrols, not part of the garrison.