PACK IDEA: Defensive weapons set

Defend your homeland with these robot distorting weapons.

10ga flare gun
Info: a single shot flare gun, flares fired from this provide light for 10 seconds detracting robots while in flight. Direct hits light robots on fire.
damage type: fire, explosive

ammo: 10ga red flare, 10ga strobe flare

red flare: flies for 2 seconds or until hits something then explodes on detonation leaves a flare at its location for 10 seconds distracting robots.
Strobe flare: Actively distracts robots in flight has a 3 second flight time, can’t damage.

Military and police grade flash bangs, these are really good for a quick escape, when they detonate they force a hard reset of a robots sensors resetting their search. doesn’t work if they can actively see you.

effect: forces searching robots back into passive and can be used to quickly escape robots actively hunting you as it puts them into alert instead of active.

Auto sentry
An SMG taking from a runner wired up with a basic sensor system (take take vision modules to extend its range or night functionality). This weapon is deployed like any other mine, the difference is it shoots.

note: requires a new part to craft: runner SMG, which drops from runners equiped with said weapon.

function: when deployed will actively shoot any robot that comes near with its SMG, once it hits 100 shots it will start beeping and act as a lure until destroyed. has light armor so likely to be destroyed before it hits 100 shots unless put in mass.

craft: requires runner SMG, 25 steel, 100 rounds of .32 FMJ, 1 small fuel cell.

Designed in the 70s these things where just hitting police use in NATO countries, seems like a bunch where sent over to help with the robots likely as a test (I just want at taser)

info: a single shot “side arm” that does different things depending on the robot it hits.
ticks: shuts them down allowing you to salvage or collect them (requires the perk to collect)
Runners: EMP effect for 15 seconds
hunters: causes their motors to jam preventing use of gun for 15 seconds
seekers: causes them to fall to the ground and act as a lure for 15 seconds.
Anything else: does nothing, to well armored.

How it works: when fired its effect stays active as long as the user has the weapon out and doesn’t reload or move out of its max range (except with ticks which are shut down.) This is a team weapon. after 15 seconds the effect will stop and the user must reload.

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