Paint all the orange 245s as televerket cars

this is a televerket service car, it is needed in game asap i think. it would definitely make the Gameworld feel more alive. Televerket was resbonsble for all phones and landlines in Sweden from 1853 until 1993. it would make sense to see these cars around. this is abit of a joke, but a good moment for non swedes to learn about our history, and for the younger swedes also

Gynna Televerket


That would be nice. :+1:

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We used to own an Volvo 240 from Televerket on our company.
I still remember the smell from it :relaxed:

To display any company logo in the game, devs must pay hefty licensing fee, IF the logo owner is willing for their logo to appear in the game. But if the logo owner says: “No”, devs can’t put it into the game regardless.

Licensing fees are also a reason why Volvo is named Ville and Saab is named Björk. Same goes to all weapons as well. Glock → Klaucke; Walther PP → Möller; MP5 → HP5 etc.

Televerket is a defunkt govorment agency, the logo is already in game on the telephone kiosks :smile:

I thought it was a private company with protections to their IP (Intellectual Property), including logo. :thinking:

I haven’t noticed that in the game. So, went to check on it and:

Yes, you are correct. :slight_smile:

In this case, some Villes could have the logo on their side, if that was a thing back in the 80’s Sweden. :slight_smile:

funny thing i noticed on the phoneboth now, it just says reklamtext on the side, which means advertising text hahaha

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Yeah, it’s reklam for reklamtext. :coffee:

Both ”yes” and ”no”. Televerket were once both an goverment, and a state owned company until 1993. Now they are just a company; Telia AB

however, televerket as a brand is no longer a thing, it would be a problem if they tried to put telia in game

Love this! I remember those cars from my childhood… Oh the memories! :smiley:


Televerket was transformed into Telia, whom if I’m not mistaken retain the rights to the logo and name.
Considering Avalanche won’t even use the Swedish roundel or “Fara”-signs on fighter planes, I’m quite confident that they’ll never use that name or logo.
However, they could make a logo of their own and call it “Telegrafmyndigheten”

yup, as said there own version of the logo is already in game.

Telegrafmyndigheten… Aw geez, that’s a great name!

Telephone authority. :sunglasses:

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