Paramedic response packs, Ammo packs, and something new

I think paramedic and ammo packs need a rework because they just aren’t that useful I think changing so paramedic packs can hold three slots of any first aid kit and ammo packs can hold 3 stacks of any ammo would be much more useful then how they are now and changing the spawn rate so they are a rare item you could even give them a rarity like the guns so gold ones have more slots. Then I was thinking about adding a new item a weapon case just something that hold two weapons in a a one by two spot

I use ammo packs all the time to get rarer ammo

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Ammo is still so common you never really need to really on them I would rather free up inventory space

Some Ammo is less common than others, like fmj for the hunting rifles, or the ap for smg, although i am far from completing the game, maybe thats why its not common for me

Once you go further into the map ammo becomes less of a problem

For someone that’s beaten the game ammo packs are incredibly useful for the rarest varieties of ammo that you can’t find in common drops. Also you can already carry thousands of bullets on you. I’d say the rework they would need is their utility, stacking them to 3 so you can actually carry them without killing your inventory, and maybe making the paramedic packs heal 50 instead of 25, or work as a healing radius that is persistent for a few minutes.

i put a ammo pack down and clicked on it with a ammo pack 3 times , and got no ammo packs , the devs are on to me.

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I’ve been all over the map and have finished the story, and I can say that 5.56 and .50 BMG AP variants are rather rare. Their drop frequency does indeed increase as you get further into the game and explore the more northern regions, but they’re still in very short supply compared to the frequency of other calibers’ AP drop rates.

Ammo boxes are a very useful source for gathering said rare ammo types. I think they’re extremely useful, albeit taking up a lot of inventory space. If they could be stacked to even 2, that would be incredibly useful.

Paramedic packs I feel are rather useless. They take up way too much inventory space for their limited usefulness. That low amount of health given plus the 5 second cooldown between uses makes them inconvenient to use in most conditions. I’d rather chomp down on a couple of other basic or standard medkits instead. It’s faster and they take up way less space. I never pick them up. They take up way too much inventory space and are of far too limited use.