Party Popper request

Hello Everyone,

I was thinking lately that the things we achieve
in GZ are only big events or Challenges that were completed.
Currently it’s a bit underwhelming to celebrate accomplishments.
Sadly victory’s in GZ are hard to express … Like dancing or small hand gestures (or teabagging enemy’s like your life depends on it :joy:)

So my request for the Devs is a new small
Party popper which does exactly what the real thing does. Just for a more emersed feeling of victory.

(The Item would have effect on battles btw… Like attracting enemy’s)

For those who don’t know what I’m rambling about here’s the Emoji of the Party popper


I sincerely hope you guys agree with me on this one.

Imagine one goes off every time you complete a challenge your character just takes one out and pops a quick one :joy::boom:

Imagine the character doing that and getting sniped by a hunter right after.