Passing the script

Hello everyone, I play on PS4 Pro. Created a new user in order to complete the game from the beginning with all the additions . Completed the game at the FOA facility. Access to Himfjall Island is closed, what should I do???

Check your LOG and search for a mission with a bear icon.

Is it to be in the main assignments?

I didn’t find another document or something else, maybe that’s the problem? This photo will help you, only it is in Russian. In the old profile, I crossed to another island, in a single game, and now I can’t.

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Maybe it’s related to the new profile.
I guess you play with the disc version of the game?
Probably the dlcs are bound to the profile you used for buying them. Don’t know if that’s the way it works, but sounds sensible.

Yes, the disk version. Now do I need to buy dlc for another user again?

Thank you all for your help, I figured it out, the problem is solved! I 'm playing on .:slightly_smiling_face: