Passive Damage and other traits

Can Apocalypse class machines begin too pass gas when taking damage to vital components?

In all seriousness, I think it would be cool and make Apocalypse class machines a little more intense during combat, leaving a toxic mist wherever they go simply because you decided to take them on.

It would also make you think twice before beating one with melee as they begin to ooze.

I also think some machines should set on fire before death, like prototype class because they are still in the test faze. And if they big and topple ontop of you, you should take damage.

Possible over charge of FNIX class and above classes like more speed or reload rate before death, the gitters, excessive smoking and sparks.

Just some thoughts


Really cool ideas. I’m just afraid that these additional effects are not as good for the performance or stability for older systems.

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Is it the older systems that worked fine before updates the cause of the game performance and/or stability?

If there where new features that needed additional power, yes then the older systems may be the reasons why the game suddenly doesn’t run as it ran before. And these ideas of Lapsus mean more effects and more calculations to be made and therefore may affect the stability or performance on older systems.

Keep in mind that it looks like the devs develop on a pc and test on a pc. I don’t believe that they test all changes on every supported console of every generation. That means that some changes that work well on pc may be too much for example for a ps4 or xbox one s.

Apocalypse Class Machines passing deadly fart gas? I’m all for it.


:rofl::rofl: yes, I’m glad you like the idea!

Yeah I doubt older consoles would be able to take it, tho There is a point in which such consoles will be left behind for the sake of game progress.

The ideas I make are without consideration mind you, not even for consideration of my own machine, but for the sake of cool gameplay and epic fun, regardless of whether old specs can take it.

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I can see the demands for the gas masks and the hazmat suit to work so you do not take damage from these types of effects like when the APOC machines were introduced.

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This wouldn’t be new.

Poor optimization is no excuse for avoiding content. Most people on console play this game on PS5 and the game isn’t even PS4 Pro enhanced. Fallout 4 had the same exact issue for the longest time ever where the game was locked at 30 FPS even if the system had more than strong enough to handle more

Please stop raising the dead, little necromancer.

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When the game was released, a PS5 wasn’t there.
And in the first year of PS5 it was hard to get one.
Now it may be different. But the game is still a ps4 game and there is no need for the devs to change its basement for an optimisation for a next gen console.

The focus was and is on new content and bugfixing.

But besides of that they already improved a lot for Xbox users in the past and this year there will be 60fps upgrade for PS5.

Get it right, fix the bugs, make your players happy with the state of the game, then work on a sequel for the current consoles. Open World may not be the way to go with the next one. Maybe a more linear story for multiplayer play until you get the end game and can open up to do squad based fights. Just saying in a sequel, they can switch things up and see what works without killing the old game.

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Every other game I’ve seen has made a PS5 version update and I do think they are considering one or something similar as you mentioned.

Also I disagree with lizardman here, you don’t need a sequel to to make an improved game. Sequels should offer something new to the table in terms of story and core gameplay, not a cash grab that sells the same game but with different assets and higher graphics. Gen Zero is online active and as a PS Plus monthly game its playerbase is quite high as of now.
I think what I’m trying to say is that if it comes to a point where the game just is “too powerful” (which again, is just poor optimization) then using the later gen as a crutch is your best option

Sony are *special. Not every studio has the resources/desire to go through their *process to do that.

*: It’s a business decision that the devs may/not have been greenlit to do.