Patch needed very very soon

When will there be a patch to fix all the bugs, problems etc. ?
Its been more than a week now and nothing changed. I feel like its getting worse and worse.
I discover new problems every day.
So if you didnt buy the game yet, don’t do it. Its barely early access. Not worth the money.

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I believe they’re busy working on it. That’s why we haven’t heard much from them.

I do agree that the game is kind of a mess right now. It would have been a better move for the company to call it an early access. When you call it a full release people have much higher expectations and they’re less forgiving when it comes to bugs, glitches and crashes.

This game has tons of bugs/performance issues and what not. And why they didnt fix this in alpha or beta, i dont understand. What a bummer to let the consumers find out that its still a buggy beta, and we even had to pay for it… what a bunch of fools we are.


I can’t even keep on playing because the mission progress is screwed. The game tells me to clear the area and secure everything… I did, no more robots around, found all the loot. Nothing happens…

This game had so much potential…but I wonder if Avalanche is even working on fixing the issues, really. Maybe it’s an asset flip, money grab, and they are working on something else right now, and don’t give a hard sh!t about this game. It’s depressing.