Pathfinding issues


I’ve noticed there is pathfinding issues but this is probably been discussed already. Most of the game’s excitement comes from the stand-offs, so it would be nice to see updates in the AI’s intelligence when it comes to locations. I’ve noticed that AI cannot enter buildings, as I’ve tried leaving doors open and leading them straight to the entrances of houses, farmhouses, etc. Would be cool if AI could go into buildings, would make for some pretty interesting combat scenarios. Example: Throwing down a bunch of gas tank inside a house, luring AI into said house, running out when they are distracted by a flare you just threw down near the gas tanks, and then que explosion with a single bullet.

Edit: I should explain that I’m only 6 hours into this game and currently still exploring the starter island, so if anyone can confirm that AI do indeed enter buildings, that would be splendid to hear.


They do enter buildings, I even had one hunter jump to the balcony to get in since i left the door open there… but the pathfinding seems a bit bugged


And barns, they enter those as well. I use them as traps sometimes, leave the doors open and toss in some explosives and a lure. It works pretty well. Runners especially seem to have no problems entering buildings, even normal doorways.


Oh they enter building s quite happily even when the doorway is too small, or the door is closed or when there is a wall in the way :frowning:

However runners are more than happy to run through an open door, though they tend to avoid doing that in some safe houses.

I have had Hunters walk into bunkers (though I still say the doorway was too small) but they simply walked in anyway (not the usual jump glitch.)


They enter building of their own accord, it seems, not the way you want them to. Runners will typically do their charge at you through doorways. I’ve had multiple enter houses through the front door. Hunters will clip right through solid walls to come at you inside a building. Hell, they’ll even clip through bunker walls to get at you.


In my experience bots will only enter buildings by complete accident. One example would be standing near a door and a Tick or Runner using its jump attack.

Most of the time the AI will just run up to the building and hug the wall closest to the player, because it can’t find any other way to get closer. If you’re standing near the entrance a Runner may get onto the porch, but won’t be able to use the open door right next to it.

In one instance I had a Hunter clipping inside a bunker corridor it didn’t even fit in. It was in fact floating horizontally, ‘standing’ on a vertical wall.


“Most of the time the AI will just run up to the building and hug the wall closest to the player, because it can’t find any other way to get closer.” - this is a really good point.


That’s pretty much what happens. And hunters and sometimes runners will clip trough the walls and get inside. Sometimes partially, sometimes fully.

I’ve done that mission (can’t remember the name) where they’ve trapped the “alien” (hunter) in a barn 5 times now in my game and friend’s games. every single time without exception we haven’t even had to open the barn because he’s walked right through the walls.

Also in various bunkers, if there are hunters outside that detect your, they’ll clip right through the bunker walls to come at you. One rather hilarious one was in Uttern bunker. They were tracking me from outside. I went down to the lower level via the spiral staircase to loot. Coming back, 2 hunters had clipped through the walls and were stuck on the spiral staircase. I killed them, but they now blocked my ability to get back up. I had to fast travel back to the safe room to get around them.


here are some runners surprising me when I go downstairs in a house. I had already been through all the rooms downstairs and they were cleared. doors were closed.

thought the last one was dead already but turned out to be just stunned and he made a fool out of me


Yup. That happened to me often. Doesn’t matter that doors are closed, they get in. You clear a room, turn around, and there’s a fresh one standing there shooting at you that wasn’t there 2 seconds earlier.