Pause DLC loot table (pause certain DLC without deleting)

New DLC introduce new types of loot and the more DLC you paid for the less relevant loot you get.

A feature for users to pause previous DLC by favor one specific DLC’s items in loot table would be valuable. This can also be done automatically based on equipped weapons instead of a manual DLC switches and removes the need for certain parts of the world map to favor specific DLC loot.

To remove older DLC loot for weapons you currently not interested in now when you bought all these new shiny toys to play with, you also remove all the items you collected from that DLC?

Introducing more DLC is just progress but “the more you have the less you get”.
(The loot table gets diluted.)


Wouldn’t it be easier just to uncheck the DLCs that you want to exclude from GZ for a while?
Edit: Providing that collected DLC Weapons remain in Plundra.


Well, I wouldn’t want to lose the DLC weapons but I would like to stop getting dozens of 5c N9s and AT-WADs all the time. There’s still a ton of weapons I don’t have in 4/5c but I get those two constantly.

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Did some checking, (Note that I am on PC)

I just unchecked the Soviet weapons pack on the DLC Management screen. Restarted and all the Gold weapons & attachments from that DLC were gone. Then I shut off the game, and activated the Soviet weapons pack on the DLC management screen again. Restarted, and the gold weapons & attachments were back.

There is no time-delay, like with real uninstalling.


Well this was a neat workaround @Gysbert! I was under the impression unchecking a DLC deleted the weapons/items for good.

! Just to clarify, users do this at their own risk and should have a backup of save data files, just in case.

Interesting, I need to test this later and see if a) Plundra release storage space when disabled one DLC and b) loot from that DLC no longer appears in game and c) loot rate from other active DLC becomes more common.

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:sunglasses: Ha, didn’t think of that, otherwise I could have checked that as well. But it is easily checked.

I kind of hope that the used storage space will not change with DLC on or off, because it might cause problems when the DLC is activated again when the storage space is at its max. It can be, of course, that de devs have foreseen this and allow the plundra to have a overcapacity when this happens.

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There’s a bug where the 3c DLC weapons you start off with can start constantly duplicating. When this happens the Plundra can go well past its capacity and display a weight of 500/200 or even 900/200. This is most likely what would happen if you were to turn the DLC back on while your Plundra was already full.

Is that an XBox bug?

It has happened on Xbox Series X in this thread:

And it has also happened on PC, as you can see in this Reddit post:

So it seems like a possible issue on every platform.

My plundra hasn’t changed, it still under 300, even though I just switched off the Soviet weapon pack DLC and later activated it again, maybe it’s one particular DLC that causing it. Guessing… Base Assault.


Well it doesn’t happen to everyone of course, that would be nuts! Like you said, it’s probably a byproduct of Base Assualt or one of the hotfixes since.

That is certainly a possibility, but from what I’ve seen it’s both Soviet and US pack weapons that get duplicated. If it was one of the newer DLCs I figure the issue would only affect those newer weapons and would be more common. Since only a couple people have experienced it, I think the issue lies elsewhere.

I wish that would be possible on ps5, too. (deactivating a dlc)