Duplicating DLC Weapons

Hello i just startet playing again after some time but now my stash is 500/200 and the dlc Weapons just keep coming back i dont know what does that and i cant rly use my stash now because everything is blocked by weapons.

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had this same thing happen with us pack attachments got free resources from recycling tho

Same here, but I manage to resolve it (for me ad least). I took out all the guns of one group, kept one for safe keep and dropped the rest, then i quit the game to main menu, and continued again, the gun would spawn in one more time and then they stopped duplicating. (works with the ammo/attachments as wel)


We’re aware of this issue and it should be solved with the next update! until then, the workaround that ShadowVenom posted works to get it to stop!


I forgot to leave an item of each for the dlc in there and ended up loosing all my ammo and the dlc weapons XD