Pause the Game when playing alone

As you mentioned in the stream, you want to make the Game Multiplayerfriendly.
That’s great.

But I’m playing a a lot of as a Singleplayer. It would be nice to Pause the Game when nobody’s in your Gamelobby. When someone is joining, the Game shout go on for the immersion.

But when I’m playing alone, and need to Eat / Pee … i need so search for a safe point or need to close the Game and start it again.


You can always fast travel to the nearest safe house. It’s annoying, but would serve similar purpose.

Ideally though, a pause function would be preferable, but the way the game mechanics work, I’m not sure that will be doable. The way GZ works is like running your own private dedicated server every time you start the game. The world is loaded and running before you ever connect to it. When you choose to “Continue” from the main menu, you’re just spawning into the world that’s already running real-time in the background, much like you’d connect to a dedicated server. And you just can’t pause that.

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Ah ok, thanks for the Information. Ok then it could be hard to Programm it…
But if it’s possible, i would like to see this Feature nevertheless :smiley:

I’m sure a lot of people would like that, myself included. But due to how the game works, it’s not likely that feature will be added. I certainly wouldn’t rule it out, but I’d say the likelihood would be low when a mechanic to stay safe while AFK (safe house fast travel) is already in game.

It would push the new photomode to the next level.

But now, it’s pretty challenging to get a photo with a group of fighting Robots.
I can see challenges coming to take a photo near as possible at a tank.

I agree 100%.
Safe houses are not an acceptable solution.
There have been times when I have been attacked while checking a map, setting my skill points, changing clothes, or in the ESC menu (PC) getting ready to exit to desktop.

Yes, I use safe houses and radios, but radios don’t respawn if you log out. If they did, that would make things much easier, but there should still be a way to pause the game, or “freeze” everything while in Map or Skills (and now Photo Mode) menus.

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I have no idea how games work, but how is this different from any other game that you can pause in while playing solo? (ie: GTAV). When you’re online, obviously you can’t pause or use that one characters special power which slows down time while driving. But if you play offline playing solo, you can pause it like any other game.

I agree completely that it should be in the game. I have a feeling this is similar to many of the other missing features that you would expect a game like this to have in this generation of games in order to make it very immersive and replayable for both solo players and groups of friends (holy run-on sentence, sorry). Doesn’t it feel kind of ‘bare’ in terms of features when compared to other games? Or maybe that should be expected, since this isn’t a big triple A development team (assuming they aren’t, I haven’t researched it).

Just creating more conversation :slight_smile:


@boston_51 see my post above on how GZ works and why they can’t easily add it.

I too wish I could pause it when playing alone. It’s a pain having to bounce to safe houses to go afk.

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So there aren’t any actual servers hosting the game, it’s only loaded into memory on the users computers? Or is one users PC technically the host and other users join the world loaded into the host PCs memory?

I’m trying to compare it to Rust as it’s the main game i’ve been playing for some time now. I know that the world is loaded into local memory (if you’re hosting the server on your PC) and you’re dropped into the game when it has finished loading and there is no pausing even if you’re on your own private server. Other players can join if you have your network setup correctly.

Gen Z is always running as a server (and expecting players to connect) when you are in Solo Mode, in reality there is no such a thing in the game (you just block connections.)

I know if you are playing in the XBox One what you do is make sure the XBox is set to fast start rather than fully shutdown and then simply quit back to the main XBox startup screen and choose shutdown.

It suspends the game until you start the Xbox and then go into the game.

It will whine about losing contact with the outside world, but you were playing solo so it doesn’t matter.

If you simply quit back to the main XBox screen the game continues running.

I don’t know about the PlayStation or the PC but I would assume forcing the machine into sleep mode would do something similar.

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The GZ world loads up pretty much like if you were running a private Rust dedicated server on your computer. The server runs “independent” of your player client, even though they’re one and the same in the case of GZ, and not 2 separate programs to run. When you join in as a single player, you’re basically joining the dedicated server that’s running in the background separate from the game client. And you can choose to let random players join, or make it by invite only, but it’s still running as a server.

And that’s why it’s such a major undertaking to make the game pausable. They touched on this in a recent live stream (maybe the one earlier this week??) and while they didn’t totally shoot it down, it didn’t sound like it was going to happen any time soon if at all.

That sums it up right there in that sentence. Even as “single player” you’re still joining a multiplayer server that has remote connections blocked except by invite.

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