[PC] [After April Update] - Still High CPU and GPU Usage

The game still uses alot of CPU and GPU power. Nothing has changed since before the patch. Leading to the game stutter / lags alot after a while.

Thoughts: Seems like it might have something to do with RAM. I have more RAM in on motherboard and on my Graphicscard than my girlfriend. Both have high CPU and GPU usage but She is the only one who suffers from stutters / lag in game.

Windows 10 Home
Motherboard: MSI MS-B1061
CPU: Intel i7-6700
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

i have an extremely beefy computer but to no avail i am still experiencing full gpu utilization and massive lag spikes and stuttering in game on ultra settings, i even dumbed it down to high. my specs are as stated.

Windows 11 Pro
Motherboard: Asrock Phantom 4 Gaming X570
CPU: Ryzen 5 5600X 6 Core 12 Thread (3.7 Ghz -4.2 Ghz Turbo)
Ram: 32Gb Kingston Hyper X Fury DDR4 3600 Mhz
GPU: AMD Radeon RX6700XT 12GB GDDR6 3500+ Cuda Cores.
please help i need to get this figured out. trying to upload to youtube but cant even record in 480P with this game. interestingly enough my cpu is just chillin out at a nice 30-40% usage.