PC: Allow right click mouse button to exit loot menu

Topic. A small, QOL feature, that would essentially make right click work like the Escape key in the looting menu.

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Considering the non existant feedback on this request, I guess no one is a ‘speed-looter’ but me :cry:

Didn’t see it, dude. I’m with you all the way! I’m left handed, so the esc key is the furthest point from my controls. Speed is all!

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That would indeed be a good alternative for faster and easy exit the menu. :+1:

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I’ve always thought it would be great to be able to ‘walk’ out of a loot menu, i.e., hit “W”.

Awesome idea. 100% support. Devs please implement this.
I already thought about rebind one of my additional mouse button to esc but I already use all with other commands.

I also struggled with far away ESC key (I play using arrow keys), but after getting a new mouse with one key being a [shift] key I can now loot very very quickly.

I configured it like this:

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That’s great and all, kudos!

Me myself has a mouse that you can program for specific games. While that can make sense, especially in mmorpgs, this little request is for everyone! :slight_smile:

I cant be bothered to work around things like this anymore, so while your tip is greatly appreciated, my request still stands! :slight_smile: