[PC] Bug Report - Follow Calle's Truck

PC is:

  • Win 10 1909 Enterprise
  • Threadripper 1950X - 16 Core
  • 32GB RAM
  • Playing at 2560 x 1440, Ultra
  • Steam

Singleplayer - MP turned to invite only. No other players.

Playing for a couple of hours gathering the materials to outfit Calles truck in the ringfort. Got everything together, install the armor, talk to Calle, see the “Follow Calle’s Truck” then boom, CTD. Reloaded a few times. End up in the cave under the ringfort. Within 5 secs, I see the “Follow Calle’s Truck” mission banner, the game freezes, then CTD.

Powered down and left it for a day. Loaded it up tonight and CTD at the same spot right after loading the game.

Played 22+ hours without issue, now I cannot get past this point.

Repaired Steam Install files. No issues seen. CTD in the same manner.


A thread already exists about this issue here -

The only fix is to uninstall FNIX Rising or wait for a hopeful hotfix to fix it, if that doesnt happen i imagine itll be whenever the next update is.

Since this is a known issue, I’m closing this report.


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