PC Controls (list/link)?

Hi, i have been looking to see if there is a link or something that i can have that shows what buttons do what within the game. I have figured most basic things by completing start area etc but just want something i can have say on my mobile or something? #notahardcorepcgamer


WASD - Movement
Ctrl - Crouch
Z - Prone
Shift - Sprint
F - Flashlight
R - Reload
1, 2 - Primary Weapons
3 - Secondary Weapon
4, 5, 6, 7 - Quickslots
X - Switch Binocular View
P - Last Used Menu
I - Inventory
M - Map
Enter - Chat
Esc - Pause

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P is actually whatever last menu you were at.


oh, yea, i will correct that

Thanks @kitty. Yeah i got almost alk if that down (Ctrl+z prone/crouch)? Was just wondering if that was it or if there was anything else really, only as i thought i would be able to find a ‘controls’ section but hey, if thats it im good :grin: thank you

Ah, ok. Thanks @Crash

woa i didnt know you could prone, i guess you learn something new every day :smiley:

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Yeah i think ctrl+z prones then press again to crouch and i have only found that sprint takes you back upright but there could be something im missing ha.

just checked for ya, ctrl is to crouch and Z alone is to prone, but you can go prone from the crouching state

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Great, thanks for that. I’m not a pc gamer by any standard really and the mouse/keyboard always feels a little alien to me lol so that will help with my bumbling fingers ha.

How to use special attachments?

Nevermind the key to use special attachments is X

Stupid question, but after I found the pistol, I wasn’t able to fire it, because reload didn’t work. And yes, I did find the 9 mm bullets. How does this work in practise?

you have to open your inventory, drag the ammunition into your pistol (if you have a moller PP, you need to drag .32 acp onto it), after that you can use the weapon

Thanks for your advice. My bad. I didn’t understand that the bullets you find in the house are not for the pistol.
That is not a good feature by the way that the game is running when you are using the inventory or map.