PC Crashing Frequently

I have played this for many months. And I have never been able to solve the crashing problem. I am on PC:
i7 8700
256 GB SSD
1070 GPU w/8 GB
Plenty of PC. No other games have a problem. I have the graphics settings turned down. I have checked file integrity.
Crashing occurs sometimes maybe once an hour, sometimes multiple times an hour. Which is far too frequently. I have had crashes whether I play it alone, or while I’m streaming.
I see bug and crash reports sent off but I never hear a word from anyone.

Make sure the system has the very least of System Requirements.
In case of laptop: make sure the system does not run hot: computers HATE heat.
Make sure you have enough RAM.
Make sure your Virtual Memory, or Page File, has enough allocated.
To check this:
a) Open Control Panel
b) right side of the Control Panel Window, View By: put it to Icons.
c) Hit system => Advanced System Settings => new window pops up.
d) In the new window: Advanced => Performance => Settings => New window pops up.
e) Advanced => Check Total Paging File Size.
Preferably it should be twice the size of your RAM size.

If this did not work:
Boot into Safe Mode, open Control Panel.
Hit Device Manager.
Hit Display Adaptor
Hit your vidcard twice, this brings up a new window.
Hit Disable Driver.
Hit Uninstall Driver.
System will now reboot and install a clean driver…

  1. Check if you use a Tuning Program (RivaTuner, AVG TuneUp, System Mechanic, other), if so, close or uninstall these.
  2. Check if you have a Network Connection Security System, if active, kill it or uninstall it.
  3. Taskbar Search Box: type CMD, open this in Admin Mode, and type:
    SFC /scannow
    Let it complete, if there are errors, see these are fixed, if fixed, re-run.
    It is advice to run this three to five times, according some sites, as, apparently, SFC does not always pick errors up the first time (I personally cannot confirm this).

I do hope, one of these solutions will work for you, brother…

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I don’t suspect it’s the cause, but how much free space do you have on your hard drive? I too have a 250GB SSD in my PC and it fills up quickly so I have to be conscious of it nearly all the time.

Just a thought that if it is near to capacity it could be having a detrimental impact, even if a small one?