PC - Engineer Skill - How to get Tick bots?

I am new to the game and wonder how the skill “Engineer” works?
I am lvl 19 now, and had this skill for some time now, and what I can understand I need to loot “Tick bots” from enemys? Any special enemies or just any? Just kill them in anyway or do I need to do something special to get chance of tick bots?
Please explain how I get some tick bots. Thanks

It’s drops automatically. Tanks and harvesters drop them quite often.

So I can blow up them with rockets/mine/nade and so on and they still drop this tick bots?
So far I killed 5 tanks, 5 harvester and 10 hunters without a single drop of them…

Yes the drop rate is quite low since one of the last updates. Make sure you have the engineer skill active. Without activating it the do not drop tick pods.
On top of the low drop rate the damage of the ticks is quite low. I hope the devs will adjust it soon. Either a higher drop rate or higher damage.

Oh… How do I activate the skill? I dont think I have it activated, I just put a skill point in the Engineer skill… :roll_eyes: (Edit: it say: Active Specialization Engineer in the down left corner)

And is it only tanks and harvester that have chance of dropping this tick bots?

For me it always swithes back to marksman and i hav to activate it every session by pressing t when you have your courser on the engineer skill.
Basicly all emenies that are able to drop them against you are able to drop them as loot. All FNIX Hunters and some Military Hunters can drop them too.

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Thanks. I will keep hunting them and see if they drops :stuck_out_tongue:
And yes, maybe this was a bad choice of me when selecting the Engineer skill, my hope was that I am going to get some help with that skill (I am playing solo) But so far I have not get any help in the game with that skill :sweat_smile:

Year I play solo too and took that skill because of the same reason.

Cool, what lvl are you?
When you have some tick bots, does it help you as soloplayer then?

A few days ago I became lvl 30.
To be honest, not really.
In theory its cool, because you can drop them while running into cover and they deal damage while you hide and reload.
In reality the damage is so small that you cant kill a prototype runner with one tick. A Harvester or Tank probably doesn’t even recognize the tick XD.
I was expecting more.
With the 30th lvl i bought the hacking skill. That is not much better so far. The runner I tested the skill was just doing nothing instead of attacking the others.
In conclusion I’m a bit disappointed with those two skilles.

Allright, I do not have so much points left to reach that skill, maybe I can pick that one to and try it. Sometimes when you are solo and dont have the best weapons ingame I feel that some help from a skill would be nice :blush:

Edit: I got my first Tick pod today from a Hunter :smiley:

Nice :+1:
Did you already try it?

Hehe, no, I have not try them, I have 15 of them right now :stuck_out_tongue:

15 and not even tried one? Do it and decide whether it is worth it to collect more.

Thats right, I dont know what to use them against :rofl:
And dont know how many to deploy etc
I am verry Careful with my little Ticks :rofl:

It’s been a while since I used Tick Pods, but I recall them being supremely useful against Hunters, both as distraction and doing actual damage to them.

Late to the party here, but I’m soon done with my third character for which I decided to go down the Tech tree to get both Hacker and Engineer. So far they’re a both a disappointment, something I knew beforehand from reading the reports here, so I put my hope for the future - these specializations needs major work.

Anyway, for the Engineer skill, here are the most critical things right now:

  • the droprate of the tickpods are way to low since they are bound to certain enemies and still aren’t a guranteed drop from them
  • the actual effect of the ticks is not worth the effort, you’ll get more use out of flares


Suggestions to improve the skill:

  • you shouldn’t need to have the Engineer skill unlocked/active just to get a chance to loot them, the skill should be the requirement for using the tickpods
  • the ticks themselves needs a major boost in “performance” IF the devs thinks that the current horrendous droprate/system for aquiring them are ok
  • either have the ticks behave the same for us as they do when they are our enemies (meaning they shouldn’t explode right away)
  • or if they still should explode, increase the damage they do (by a lot!) and/or add an EMP effect to the explosion as well
  • allow an Engineer (with the skill active) to pick up ‘dead’ ticks as well for another source of them (think engineer - repair), and/or let there be a chance for enemies to drop more than a single pod

“you shouldn’t need to have the Engineer skill unlocked/active just to get a chance to loot them, the skill should be the requirement for using the tickpods”

That is a fantastic idea. I also have Vanguard skill and if I could still pick them up with that active, it would begin to make the Engineer skill not suck as terribly as it does right now.