(PC) frequent Exception type 11


Steps To Reproduce:
That’s the deal: these crashes seem to happen completely at random, however everything was smooth until I reached the first farm.
I crashed approaching Salthanm, after clearing it and entering the bunker, after clearing the bunker, halfway across town after exiting the bunker, several times trying to clear the sports field … I had over a dozen crashes between the Salthanm bridge and the second bunker further SW…and just now it crashed after interacting with the keypad at the side entrance (got scanned, got the “denied tone” & red light, crash).
In one instance the game was running for 3 minutes and it crashed as I was jumping over a fence. Other times I can walk around for 30 minutes just fine, engage in combat, loot things and then it will crash just because I seemingly turn around too quickly.

I’ve checked all the crashes I had today and they are all “Type 11”. Maybe somebody can at least clue us in to what that actually means.

Updated drivers + lowered settings + played solo using “invite only”
Played for about 40 minutes, had 3 short freezes but the game recovered and then it eventually crashed. Had just cleared the lighthouse area and was looking around for loot.

Images / Videos:
None … but I keep sending my type 11 crash reports until I’m told otherwise. I hope it helps narrowing it down rather soon.
Players in your game:
i5 2500 3.3ghz - 12GB DDR3 - R9 380 2GB - Win7 64

your specs are pretty close to mine , but im running win 10 64bit , im still getting crashes at random also , the team is working on bug fixes and hopefully we continue to get a update each month.
i5 3.6 ghz 16gm mem , 2gb nvidia gtx , win 10 64

I’ve now tried to run the game at lowest settings, disabled the steam overlay, went completely offline … and none of it matters.
Played for 15 minutes (including combat with 5 dogs + relay beacon) and crashed. Restarted at the same spot as before, exited the safe house, enemies gone, loot a box and crashed after barely 2 minutes playing.
As always: “ExceptionType = 11”

The only other issue I have is an occasional stutter as if something is being loaded, even after turning down all graphics options.
My current theory is some script is periodically running in the background, like an auto-save function. It may work, stutter, crash, or even corrupt a save file.

Whatever it turns out to be, I’d just like the issue being acknowledged. By now all the bug reports regarding Exception 11 should be piling up, not just from me.

maybe a xml , and its saving constantly when we access loot or progress in a mission.
i too am getting these crashes.