(PC) Game crash when using x-ray-sight scope-attachment

Hi, curently me and my 2 friends encountered a bug where the game instantly crashes when you get that scope attachment which can switch between infrared vision and xray, right when switching from ir to xray… he dropped the attachment on his new rejoin for us other two to test if it only happens to him, but this problem happens to all three of us, doesn’t matter if host or not, the host only additionally throwing out the other players too when he’s trying the xray-mode… Nightvision and infrared working both fine for all of us! Newest graphic card drivers installed, all three of us working with an ver,y good hardware (all at least an i7’ 32GB RAM and 11gb vram nvidia gtx 1080, but it instantly shut down on the switch to xray, even with all ingame graphic settings test-set from ultra to lowest

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I’ve had this on two seperate PCs. Doesn’t happen all the time, but both times was when using the xray (blue) attachment.

Seems to be a widespread problem, found some reddit threads about it too right after posting here, initially thought it was just due to maybe some connect issues from our host, but its confirmed that switching the host didn’t work either… Well, at least we are not alone :wink:
problem exists within mode-switchable attachments as well as the “xray only” one

Here is a Link to the Win-RAR-file containing the crashdump.dmp, dxdiag.xml & crashrpt.xml following the error:
…maybe somebody can read something out of them


The OPV mode always crashes client using it when looking in it even close to viewing a co-op partner.
It works perfectly in single player for all of us, and it one of my favorite views for bunkers at least.
And it’s the main thing I wish fixed in the patch.
I previously reported it, 11 days ago. but didn’t get it acknowledged is seems?

On_ PC

Repro steps: Put a vision mod that includes the OPV mode on scope, or binoculars. Toggle to OPV try to watch co-op partner… and crash.
Repro rate: 100%

Who: Client side (or host if he equips it)
When: Only in Co-Op, and when viewing too close to a human co-op mate

System: Plenty! We all tried it and it happens to us all. So we all have to switch our vision mods when playing togater, since day one.


All scopes and binoculars fitted with single mod , double , or triple mods ( red green blue ) In one mod .- they will ALL crash your game although sometimes not right away . Example i picked up triple mod and for SCIENCE as the other two mods crashed game early this week i would give the first one i have found in game triple (red,green,blue) a try for first time . worked fine 30 min playthrough , switch game on later that night used scope and Game crashed , to be clear all blue OP mods will crash your PS4 , XBOX , and the MASTER-RACE at some point but maybe not immediately , thanks PS all INFO here is reported all over forum , DEVS are aware and their lastest response says they are working on a fix for all game crashes , hope this helps

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