PC Game Pass - Infinite loading screen on Windows 11


I come just for letting know that the version on xbox gamepass PC don’t work at all ( there only 1 star reviews on the gamepass page cause of this ).

You can’t pass the loading screen at begin when you press [ E ] to connect, it make an infinite loading connecting, never ending. and its same for my 3 friends too on the gamepass PC and seem to be same case for the people that have make a review on PC gamepass version page.

I hope it gonna get fixed soon, We really want to play the game,

Thank you.

Fixed the issue with the Windows 11 November update and reseting the xbox app PC.

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Hey @Luffy :wave:

Am I understanding it correctly that you get an infinite loading screen on the sign-in screen after signing in to your user profile?

Glad to hear you got around this issue. Did this workaround (below) also fix the issue for your friends?

Are you and your friends all on Windows 11? Have you ever used your accounts on a different device previously? e.g. an XBOX console or different PC?

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting! :pray:

EDIT: This seems very similar to the issue below, but different…

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