PC Gamepass version includes DLC?

Does the PC gamepass version include the Alpine Unrest and Fnix Rising DLCs? From the xbox gamepass app on PC, the “Generation Zero - Resistance Bundle” says it’s installed and this bundle includes both DLCs.
But I don’t have either of the starting missions for the DLCs, and I’ve completed all main quests in the base game.

I’ve tried joining a multiplayer game and I was able to get on the boat that goes to Himfjäll island but while the boat was moving it said something like “You do not own this content” and teleported me back.

I couldn’t find a clear answer to this question anywhere, probably because the gamepass version is new, any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

For future reference:
I asked about this in multiplayer games and someone else who was playing from gamepass also said he had to buy the DLCs so I bought them too.

Yes you can buy the base game and then the DLCs later. My confusion was about the “Resistance Bundle”. I’ll try to clarify:

On the PC gamepass app called “Xbox app” (horrible name) and on Microsoft store you can buy the whole resistance bundle which comes with base game + both DLCs. But if you have gamepass you get the base game so it doesn’t make sense to get the resistance bundle. It’s cheaper to buy the DLC’s individually.

What was confusing to me was after installing the gamepass version, the Resistance Bundle store page said “Play” instead of “Buy” so I thought I had the whole bundle, but I don’t think this is the case.

btw: After buying the DLC’s they worked and I’m currently playing through it now. Yay!


Glad to hear the issue was solved.

Consider this report tagged, and closed. Happy gaming! :slightly_smiling_face: