[PC] Gates, leaves and weapons

Well, hello there!

Thank you for doing this kind of game! I’ve already had a lot of fun hours in it, even with a few irritating but funny bugs.

I just happened to stumble upon those two bugs that I’ve recorded, which anyone can reproduce kinda easy. I don’t know if people already reported these, but here we go.

The first bug is at Iboholmen Castle. Some floating leaves push you back and forth, but at any time, they will launch you up high in the air and make you take fall damage and probably die. I traveled over 100 meters according to the distance thingy to your friend but didn’t get to record it.

The second bug is near Saltholmen Naval Base (300m give or take a few). As shown in this video, the two gates that are supposed to keep people out, but are broken, are still working and doing the opening and closing mechanics. You can have pretty fun with the one still hanging on the fence. Just kill a robot at it and the robot will actually get stuck in the gate and move with the gate. I had a laugh for a few mins with that when I discovered it.

These two bugs, are the ones that I’ve found today with no effort in looking for them. There are more, but I don’t wanna be spamming the forums with bug reports :smiley:

Oh yeah, after reading the “known issues” about the inventory bug, I remembered another bug.
There is something about the Möller PP which makes the game not wanting you to switch to it. If you try and click on 3, you won’t change your weapon to the pistol. This can be fixed, ONCE, if you go into your inventory and left click twice and exiting your inventory. But if you switch to the Möller PP and then to “Automatgevär”, for instance, you cannot equip the Möller PP again and you have to start all over with the inventory clicking.