[PC] GenerationZero_F crash, found reason!

Same here, lost 50+ hours of game play. I can see the save game file in the C:\Users*****\Documents\Avalanche Studios\GenerationZero\Saves folder, but nothing I’ve done works to resolve to get back my game progress.

I can absolutely confirm that this is due to a corrupted save file. We are working on preventing this from happening again.

In the meantime you would need to manually delete your save file (re-installing/verifying game files does not have an effect on this save folder). You will find your save here:

C:\Users\NAME\Documents\Avalanche Studios\GenerationZero\Saves

Unfortunately it DOES mean all progress is lost, and regretably there is nothing we can do to recover it, this will at least allow you to play the game again though. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience, and again we are working on ensuring this doesn’t happen in the future.

Console updates will be rolling out ASAP, we are unfortunately in an update period with partners/internally so we must wait just over a week to roll out hot-fixes on these platforms

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@Avalanche_Graham Thanks you. I did as your guide but still can’t login the game.

I didn’t lose power like everyone else . My problem started after I did a defrag on my drives. Could this have corrupted my save file?. I did like they said and deleted my save file manually on my pc. Game started right up.