[PC] Imortal runners


Platform: PC

Steps To Reproduce:
Was in a fire fight from the church at Hagaboda if I remember correctly. Had a bit to many grenades for my RPG so I started shooting at the runners with it. Killed most of the incoming runners easily.

But two runners refused to die, hit them with several RPG-shoots and even with my PVG90 a few times. Nothing happend to them.

My fellow players didn’t have the same problem with those two runners that was imortal.

Images / Videos:
Attached is an image of the runners after I had regrouped to a house close by.

Host or Client:
Client in a 4 player games

Players in your game:

Win10, i7-7700K, Geforce 1080 TI 11GB VRAM, 32GB RAM, SSD drives