(PC) (Minor GFX bug) AK5, first fired shot the shell/case stays in the air


As in topic, no matter the quality of the weapon. Gold 1-4x scope attached. been around for as long as I can remember

Always first shot with the AK5

Video, and an added picture just to be sure.

Host at least

Solo at least, as I have other things to do in co-op than trying to find out why a window don’t break from one shot

6700k GB G1 1080 GTX 32gb ram Win 10 pro

Video showing it:


Happens on PS4 in solo. Not sure about multiplayer but most probably.

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I’ve noticed this with the HP5 as well. Thanks for the report!

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Just found a golden SMG barrel extension today, so haven’t tried out the MP5 (HP5) much yet, as I don’t usually have the ACOG on it either, and it’s on my char with AK5 and 5.56 ammo (but damn it sounds nice with the extended barrel!).
I just checked all mychars AK 4 and 5’s, as I didn’t remember what caused the old ‘stuck in the air’ problem.
So from all the AK’s (AG’s) combinations only seem to effect the AK5 (AG5)

I hardly used the AK-47, so forgot to even test it.

If it happens on other weapons or platforms feel free to add it. It’s a minor GFX bug, but as a bug it shouldn’t be there at all. :wink: