(PC) Mission glitch (salthamn) pls help

I am in salthamn and i have collected the civil defence thing, the map but the game still tells me to “explore the bunker” pls help

I have the same bug. the mission marker points me to an upside down table, but there’s nothing there.

I’ve tried restarting the game, traveling to and from the bunker again both by fast travel and on foot, and even deleting my previous character and heading there again. nothing works.

Everyone is having this problem. I guess it has to do with the order you pick up the mission items. Idk, I had it too. Skip it for now till they fix it. You will still come across other missions.

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so my can friend finish the mission and then i can also process?

Thank you very much!

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i skipped ahead and picked up mission items before, then when i went to do the mission and the items were gone, i was still able to pick them up (i knew where they were) but they were invisible.

doesn’ t work:frowning:

https://generation-zero.fandom.com/wiki/The_Road_to_Salthamn Regarding the mission itself.

Also, please do follow the correct formatting when you’re posting a bug report.

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have already tried that way a million times, doens´t work :slightly_frowning_face:. But anyway thanks for reading my post :smiley: