PC Multiplayer Questions

First, a statement. If you do not want to play with others, go into your multiplayer settings while in game and change the setting where it says, “Who Can Play” to “Invite Only”.

That way those who want to play cooperative do not keep landing in your game and getting kicked out. That is inconvenient for everyone.

Now two questions:

  1. How does the game match you up? I keep landing in games with new players, and I am level 29. It is a bummer for both of us. They don’t get the early experience of being a soft squishy thing sneaking through deadly robots. I don’t get any help with tanks and start in Salthomen.

  2. Where are all my safehouses when I join a multiplayer game, and do the safehouses I find in that game remain when I go to my own game?

  3. Is there any way to talk through a headset to other players? I do this with my kids through Steam’s chat. Is there another way ingame?

not sure about 1 or 2 but for 3, there is no in-game voice chat. one option is Discord. if you don’t know or want to add the person you get grouped up with, you can both go into the Generation Zero Discord and join a voice channel there

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  1. Anyone looking for a random session, and it’s a free weekend now. Setting it to invite only and hookup a ‘random game’ on the GZ discord is recommended, as you can tell what level you all are.

  2. Safe-houses available are tied to the hosts unlocked ones. So if you want to give him a push, or really need one to feel mobile, invite host to your and get him there with a field readio.

  3. Discord there too. either create own server, or roll with one of the GZ public lobbies.
    Steam chat isn’t much used now.

On Steam, be sure your not in invisible mode, is one of the team is they can’t join or get joined

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