PC noticeably crashing more the past 30 days

I am having frequent crashes, typically happening 30 minutes in gameplay. Game freezes and I get a Windows crash notice to send off report.

I’ve been playing from the very first day of GZ release and have seen my share of crashes, but the frequency has definitely increase these last 30 days or so.

Nvidia drivers up to date.

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Nothing has changed with the GZ in the past 30 days. Last update was end of June '20 (4 months ago), so, better look at your PC and try to remember what you did 30 days ago.

While your Nvidia drivers are latest, it doesn’t hurt to roll the driver version back, since it may fix the crashing issue. (Don’t forget to use DDU.)
Btw, i’m using Nvidia 442.19, while the latest is 456.38. Since i have no issues with my GPU drivers, i don’t see the need to update GPU drivers. Or in other words: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Also, if you’re using Win 10, then do note that Win 10 automatic updates (which are mandatory and can’t be avoided) are notorious in messing up people’s systems, causing all kinds of trouble and programs crashing.

Oh, have you checked for malware in your PC as well?


That does sound right though - in the last month we’ve been crashing several times a session. Good suggestions though, thanks

I wonder if you are playing a more serious player, or more experienced when you crash? Maybe the system is overwhelmed and impressed with your game partner?


Please feel free to create a support article here: https://support.generationzero.com/hc/en-us.

I’ll be happy to assist you directly.