PC save problem

When restarting the game, progress and settings are lost.

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Heres a translation - When restarting the game, progress and settings are lost.

Its fine using something like Google Translate so you can write in English here. As for losing progress when restartong game, do you mean restarting the game by closing and reopening it or actual restarting the game by wiping progress?

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Після кожного виходу з гри

Imma be stuck doing translation it seems - After each exit from the game

All i can suggest is make sure any Anti Virus is not preventing it from being overwritten, that in the saves folder, located in Documents - Avalanche Studios - Generation Zero - Random Numbers - Saves, there is 3 save files if on Steam. If you are console i cant help further as ive never had the issue.

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Всі антивіруси вимкнено
All antiviruses are disabled

Which system/game version do you use?
Steam or xbox gamepass for pc?

I am using the steam version

Have you already checked the area i mentioned just to ensure saves actually appear there?

In the save folder, only the folder “76561198308714675” followed by “steam_autocloud.vdf”

It seems to work, thanks a lot for your help