PC spec advice (help/query)

Hi, i am running on pc i built:
Gryphon Z97 armour
Intel i5
16gb ram
Saved to SSD (230GB free)
*no dedicated graphics card (need cash)
I can play the game and have the settings at ‘low’ and display reduced also. I am getting around 17-25fps can look ok but movements seem real slow. Is there any advice how i can optimise for smoother gameplay? Without buying a card? Thank you. Oh loving it still no bugs 5kills so far :+1:

The only way I can see you improving performance is dropping the resolution below 720p, the problem with integrated graphics, especially intel’s, is it gets all its performance from your ram which really slows your computer down. You don’t have any dedicated v-ram.

Especially given the fidelity of the game you probably need a dedicated card to hit 60 consistently. Try dropping the resolution below 720 p, it might give you a few frames.

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It’s never going to run just close to acceptable without a dedicated card.

So so much visual processing is done by the GPU - something even the fastest CPU can’t handle.

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Thanks so much. I know i should get a card and sort it out, id enjoy gaming on tge pc far more. I toggled it down but not that far ill go lower. Thanks for the tip

Thanks, yeah i know i shoukd really give my pc the upgrade it needs. I know at the moment I’ll never get to the likes of fps i see on gameplay vids etc. Thanks though