[PC]Stats for AK4 and AK5 mixed up, MP5 and M45 stats (and mag icons) are mixed up the same way

Screenshots provided.
MP5 stats vs descriprion

MP5 mag Icon is the M45 one

AK5 stats vs descritpion

M45 (Kpist) stats vs description

M45 (kpist) mag icon is the MP5’s

AK4’s stats vs description

So they are all switched with each others in shown stats.
The AK4 handling is terrible in auto, and it have a slower rate of fire, in game and when I used the real one (not so terrible handling on single shots, so I guess that’s the reason it look a lot ‘deeper’ into the same 1-4X compared to the AK5? To give a hint it’s more of a rifle that is ‘capable’ of full auto?
same with the M45, having the visible stats of the MP5. It’s slow in game and when I used a real one.

Host doesn’t matter here
System… doesn’t matter

…And the correct ammo (9 mm m/39) for the ‘Swedish’ Glock 17 (pistol m/88) is the same 9mm as used in the m45/b. So one ammo-type too much to carry right now

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Video of AK4’s (quite horrible) handling and fire rate (and looking deeper into the same scope?)

Video of AK5’s (excellent) handling and fire rate

I can’t get any exact result from trying the MP5 vs m/45 golden versions.
The time it takes to shoot 45 bullets is <4.6 seconds for each, but with no better measuring tool than a stopwatch on my cellphone, and an old mans reflexes, makes them be more or less a tie on that one, and the MP5 actually seem to have bigger spread when trigger is held…

I’ve been through +10k of bullets trying to get something useful out of the tests of the SMG’s
Not sure if the gold version of them makes them more equal, or the 51 bullet mag on the M45 just made it feel slower (as it should be MP5 800 RPM vs M45 600 RPM)

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This was the thinking at the time yes but the 9mm ammo for the K-pist m/45 carl gustaf was loaded “hotter” (more gun-powder or faster burning powder) than the standard parabellum loads that the glock was built to use and thus it was discovered that it caused unnecessary wear and tear on the pistol m/88 that was originally chosen partly on the false belief that it could handle it.
It was deemed that the K-pist “needed” the hotter load in order to reliably cycle the bolt in any condition be it hot or cold, clean or dirty so down-loading the charge was not an option as long as the K-pist was still in service so standard 9mm parabellum was also in the inventory (among other 9x19mm variants like m/39B, m/67, m/68 and more).
But there could still have been individual regiments or officers that chose to use the designated pistol ammo in the SMGs, and to use the designated SMG ammo in their pistols even though this was not recommended (if not even forbidden)

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The mag icons still are swapped. (Yes! My weapon inventory guy look like a pimp, but it’s no bug, it’s a feature)

And the descriptions still sounds good and correct… while the stats are still swapped. (even on the GZ Wiki in pure numbers)
So it’s in the “I always lie” Liar paradox territory.

Stats of the AK5 placed on top of the the AK4, (where gray is higher, and pink is lower):

If handling is remotely tied to… well it’s meaning in the text description, I’d like to see someone able to hit 2 shots in the same game-world region with the AK4 on full auto.

Yes all minor visual things (or is it with the AK’s?), and probably not anything one notices that often… (as only every time someone find a MP5 mag in a new quality, but don’t pick it up since it’s icon is that of the Kpist and vice versa)