PC Version... Inventory corruption

There is something wrong with the inventory, I ended up with 582 .32 ACP sitting in the storage box which I could not take out, I even went to the extent of dumping a lot of stuff into the storage box to make sure I had enough free space and weight to put the ammunition on my character.

I won’t be buying anything else from this crowd until they fix it.

I was playing alone on my PC with no other peeps invited.

Show us in a video…

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Erhmmm - it sounds like you reached the weight limit of your character. Without any screenshots or other evidence, this mostly sounds like a rant and not a bug report.

Also, typing in caps = shouting, and I have never in my life experienced a situation where anything constructive came from yelling at each other.

Finally, your assumption is simply wrong: There are still bugs in the game, and there most likely will always be - like it or not. So yeah, maybe move on to something else if this isn’t your cup of tea.

Also the remark about the DLC seems out of place. I am playing solo on PC version too, and bought the new DLC, and my game is working perfect like always. I have yet to notice any of the new bugs that have been reported after the TR-update. To be fair, I have not tested the reaper bug, because I don’t want to kill it, and then have try and make one spawn again. I leave the big guy roaming free on the plains of Himdalen Valley.

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Sounds strange. Never heard this before.
Do or did you use any mods?

Does it still happen after a reboot?
Does it also happen when you start a new world?

No it’s not weight limit of my character, the weight limit is 64kg odd, my character is at 44kg odd after I managed to shove everything into the storage box and the ammo in question only weighs about 2.5kg, also I can’t move a partial amount say 1 .32 ACP round.

Video it? how does the game have an inbuilt video recorder?

YES I know typing is caps is shouting - thus the typing in caps for that very reason.

After four years of development time something as simple as inventory should work out of the box, I would expect a bug like this in a pre alpha version.

No mods @Madchaser, yes it still happens after a reboot, yes it still happens on a new world.

I have restarted 3 times to try and get away from it and it seems that this bug, along with the entire contents of the storage box follows me to a new world.

And finally although this forum says I will receive notifications because I created this topic - I am not getting notifications - I assume they would come via email.

Okay, I went into generation zero today and went to load up my old game which funnily enough is now gone and I had to start from scratch ; however I think I have figured out what the problem is.
I started a new game and played as far as the farmhouse then I exited the game to the main menu deleted the old character and world and started a new character and world identical to the old one when I got to the church I dumped all of the .32 Ammo into the chest and found I had 419 shells sitting in there after adding those I had picked up along the way.
I dare say if I did the same thing again I would have approximately 627 shells.
In this instance I am carrying on to see if I can replicate what happened before my saved game was it appears deleted without me having any understanding why.
If and when it does I will use nVidia shadow play to record it.

@Fallout I’ve edited your post.

Please keep in mind the forum rules, even if you are frustrated with a game bug.

It does sound like it’s rather rare, so it’s no wonder it has been overlooked.
If you can provide more details such as screenshots or video, that’d be great.


Well I simply can’t - the next time I went into the game there was no save game to be found… funny that - and the bug did not happen again… funny that too.
I have since found two further things… earlier in my game I had a shot gun assigned to the quick select, later in the game I recycled the shot gun at the recycling station, about 10 mins later I managed to pull out the shotgun but even with ammo in my inventory all it does is go click click when fired. If I delete the item from the quick access wheel it’s gone for good.

After fast traveling to a location and taking out the two dogs guarding it my ATWD was no longer in my personal inventory and the extended mag for it is just gone… I found the ATWD in my Plundera but not the mag.

I thought I had a video of the shotgun episode because I realized the bug was happening and used shadow play to record it ; however it seems that the first time you record with this feature after pressing alt + F9 you have to click on the screen with the mouse and it subsequently will record without having to do that - so no I don’t have video this time either. But it still happened.

On top of that I just found when I went to use them that the basic med kits which I had in my inventory were no longer in my inventory I only found this out when I walked into a pitched battle where I had no control I was crossing the river using the wheel - you devs will no where and I was set upon and my health knocked down to 5 I had med kits set up previously but now they are in the Plundera WTF I thought we were past this storage corruption. and no I don’t have a video of this either, the only way I escaped with my character still alive was to fast travel… VERY ANNOYED.

I have just added a large physical hard drive to my system and set it up to record EVERYTHING and am going to start my game from scratch which annoys me even more as I have passed the point where I am actually base building now… But I am determined to have proof and if anything goes missing or fouls up I expect it to be replaced and fixed, this literally is ruining the game experience.

As I said my reason for being annoyed is the amount of time this game has been out, it’s just over four years, you would expect basic stuff like this to be perfect or has development solely been concentrating on multiplayer and DLC production?

I totally get your frustration. Is it possible it has to do with Steam’s cloud sync not doing it’s job? That’s been an issue before.

I.e the game is supposed to save everything you move someting in the inventory, pick up items, complete missions, finish combat, find safehouses etc. If that’s not working correctly when Steam saves your progress until the next session, it could explain some things.

That’s not how the development process works, unfortunately. Different teams work on different parts of the game. QA works on bugs (together with us testers) and believe me, there’s a lot to go through.

But since Systemic Reaction is a pretty small team industry-wise, there’s only so much that can be done at a time, while also keeping the game afloat.

I really hope we can solve your issue though :+1:

And everyone should also keep in mind, that any update or dlc not just adds something to the code, there are also changes to the existing code.

Therefore there is no guarantee that something that once worked must work forever. An evolving game always has these risks.

yeah, but this is not limited to only game development.
any software-development will have these issues to deal with, even on my level of development (microcontrollers, python and C).

PC development is especially tricky due to the vast variety of hardware and software combinations, my game may work just fine, but yours may be broken for no apparent reason, just because we are on different hardwares.

Developers in general are quite motivated to get rid of bugs, but developers are still humans and deliver accordingly.
As others have stated, the devs can not possibly test all combinations of all the components, there simply is not enough time in the universe to develop a “perfect” code.

Avalanche are doing quite a good job considering their limitations, so if anything, they deserve a big heart-emoji to say the very least.