PC, Xbox 1 crossplay can't join session (2players)

I copied the template

Platform: Pc and Xbox 1

Description: my friend (xbox) and I (PC) keep getting the error message "Failed to join multiplayer session, or the session is full. (0x00000001) we were playing earlier in the week with no issue.

Steps To Reproduce: Tried joining as well as inviting from both platforms.

Host or Client: Both tried to host

Players in your game: only 1 since the other couldn’t join.

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Just found out Xbox console is on v.2263976 and my gamepass PC version is v.2264534

so how do we fix that? i really want to play with my consle friends

Devs are currently working on a fix for this as confirmed in a different thread by the CM Pontus, theres nothing you can do until devs have it fixed.