People joining closed/invite-only session

The first thing I’m doing each session is going into the Multiplayer options and switching to Invite Only (it would be nice if that was persistent), however I keep having random people join these closed sessions after setting this option

This in on PC (latest version through Steam)

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Are you pressing enter to apply your change?


Multiple times even after I kept getting random visitors

This happens to me everytime I swap character, I switch to invite only and click apply then change toon and it while it appears to be the same it actually resets and you have to hit apply again.

This only happens to me when I switch toons. Every time you re-enter the game, be it with a fresh load or switching characters, it resets access to “allow anyone” and resets the audio language to the default of Swedish. Each time you have to go in and reset those 2 options, which is rather annoying.

They know and are saying that was done, but one of the bugs that was mentioned in this thread is it does not save upon reloading a save file or changing characters. So it has to be done again each time and from what the op mentioned, I can assume that sometimes it does not save the setting regardless of hitting apply.

For the audio language, there actually is an Apply button as you suggest. The thing is that the “saved” results don’t carry over to a character switch or restart of the game.

No stirring has been perceived on my end. Just pointed out that the option is there. It just doesn’t actually work as it does on every other piece of software known to mankind.

Honestly, they should have these Apply buttons on every menu in the settings, not just a couple of select ones. There’s something to be said about consistency in designing something.

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Ok, I have to backtrack here. The “Apply” button is in the multiplayer menu when you go prevent randoms from joining your game and NOT on the audio menu as I stated above. My bad here.

That said, the point still stands that it doesn’t save settings between sessions when it should.

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I’ve been programming professionally (not game-related) for 25+ years, and yes, it should save this to the config file when it’s applied. For some reason, it only applies it to the active session and never saves the setting to the config.

Really, it SHOULD be a really easy fix. All the other settings save correctly. As far as I can tell, it’s only the 2 options of audio language and allowing anyone to join that don’t work.

I’m guessing this was an oversight of the programmers. The audio issue was likely never caught because it’s highly likely the testers were Swedish and never chose an alternate audio language. As for letting anyone join the game, how that fell through the cracks is anyone’s guess.

After further testing Xezr is correct, after hitting apply it only lasts until you swap characters.

It continues to say “Invite Only” in the multiplayer options, but doesn’t actually function that way unless you re-apply the setting.


Would be nice if the devs could simply add a checkbox “Remember Choice” so we can save the Invite-Only options forever and thus make it our default if we only wish to play with friends we invite. Sounds indeed easy to solve.

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just happened to me too on PC, i had it set to invite only and after changing characters someone was able to join but the settings still said invite only. it’s bad enough we have to reset it every time we play but it would be nice if it actually worked when it said it was on.