Performance issues [PS4]

I was watching yesterdays Twitch stream from the devs, so I thought I’d ask about some performance issues when playing the game on PS4. The problem is that the game grinds (almost) to a halt at times. It’s like the game drops to 10 frames per second or perhaps lower than that. Now, dips like that happens when gaming on PS4: the deal here is that it is persistant and can last for 10-15 mins before resolving itself and going back to full speed.

I am using a PS4 slim, I don’t have any other app running (Netflix, Youtube etc.) when I game. Restarting the game will remove the slowdown, but it will come back. Basically it happens randomly and everywhere on the map. Perhaps not as often in the starting area.

Not sure if it’s a memory leak or something else. My other games don’t behave like this - so most likely not a overheating ps4.

I saved and trimmed a small clip for you to have a look at:

The extreme slowdown happens as I retreat back into the bunker. If needed I can collect more video data and post additional links.


I’ve uploaded another (longer capture):

It starts out in normal performance and drops out multiple times.


Hi I agree to what your saying frame rate on PS4 is bad in areas mainly built up areas with alot goin on and gets worse in multiplayer.This has been brought up previously on all platforms by others.Just to clarify ive seen posts from PC were theyre graphics and proccessing speed well outweighs minimum requiremeant.
I have a PS4 PRO and i have no poblem with any other game except this one unless its strategy with too many units on feild for example Dungeons but even that runs better.

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Ok, so it is a known problem, and affects players across all platforms. Hopefully the devs will sort it out soon.

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I am on ps4 and I mostly play with my friend or solo and watching different YouTube videos I notice other people having the same problem but nobody is saying it on the forum. Now it’s a rare bug that happens but you can’t sprint. Now I know a famous YouTube streamer said in one of his videos that look at your weight but this isn’t the case. I was 48 and I was max at 80 before the patch of 96. Now I thought it my controller so I changed to my new controller still in the case and same issue you can run and then in a fight of hunters you can run. That makes the fight so much difficult. So the next day I told my friend that plays maybe co op games from borderlands to helldivers to diablo and told him what happen about no sprinting and he said he experienced the same thing. Now like I said it’s a rare occasion and only happened a few times. I checked my internet and it was at 432mbps down 189 up so I know it’s not my controller or internet. I also agree the frame rate gets bad sometimes and you think it’s lagging but it so weird fighting against hunters/ runners/ harvester and a tank in one fight with this frame rates.

I am one of the people who mentioned it in feedback on several occasions - and will keep doing so.

The question I ask myself - and want to ask to the devs is the following:
Playtesting, does anyone do this before anything is released?

Testing the game itself on different platforms especially the weakest platforms.
Testing patches/updates/fixes etc before release.

Does anyone do this at all?

So far, it hardly looks like it. But that is my own little conclusion I hope someone debunks.