Performance on ps4

Performance is fine for a bit, but after awhile, the game just starts lagging a lot, I like the game, but performance changes are needed.

As long as they’re able to tweak it only for the last-gen consoles. The rest of us don’t want to suffer because 10 year old hardware can’t keep up… :wink:


I agree, @NJR87,
but no matter if for xbox one s or ps4, the game should at least run without constant crashes or massive frame drops on each of the supported consoles.

You can’t sell a game for xbox one and ps4 and then update it that it gets unuseable.

An option could be that the devs split the game in a last gen and a current gen version. Therefore we would need an upgraded version for ps5 and the xbox series (and pc?).

In these new version they should be able to do much more.

The last gen version could be the same but tweaked to its performance… Or could be freezed in a certain state, which would be sad.
But that’s what other have done with i. e. Fifa22, too.


Multiple optimizations are possible, its more work yes, but its better in the long run.

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I’ve moved onto next gen around a year ago, I do however think you have a good point the Last gen consoles should not be forgotten as they still make a large section of the player base, it’s not about snobbery !!!

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Yes, of course. As much as possible.
But as this game is evolving (even on the technical side) and we already have some greater performance problems on some last gen consoles, the publisher or devs will some day be forced to decide to add something new and reduce the quality (that the older consoles can still run it) or to let it be, because it won’t work otherwise or the reduced quality would lead to complaints.

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Yes I agree :+1::+1:……………

What would be the minimum spec for a PC to run this “next gen version” of GZ?