Performance tips from Just Cause 3 - worth a try?

@Flick pointed me to this game (JC3) running on a variant of the same (APEX) engine with a lot of issues (not sure whether they are fixed now, game is from Dec 2015). Here are some tips against issues like bad performance and crashing with JC3:

Maybe it is worth trying those out? Things like playing in borderless windowed already worked for some people here in the forum.

NOTE: This is at your own risk (particularly disabling DEP, data execution prevention) and is not recommended by anyone here on the forum or anyone related to the Avalanche studio. It is just us tinkering around (and reporting back, hopefully). These tips are also not expected to remove all crashes as we already seem to know that there are different causes at work with some of them coming from distinct in-game mechanics such as rival spawns.

Personally, I would be interested to learn whether limiting the FPS to 60 (or 59, perhaps) helps with some crashes as I read a recent report that higher graphics settings can lead to fewer crashes.


I haven’t observed any memory leaks (increased memory usage over time) with this game and wouldn’t expect RAM/paging tweaks to help in any way. But then, I have 32 GB in my rig. Your mileage may vary.

Disabling Fetching/NDU can impact your system’s performance. Don’t forget to revert any changes once you’re done trying them out.

Borderless windowed mode can be set in game.

Disabling DEP (Data Execution Prevention) can post a security risk. Again: this is at your own risk!

As far as I know, there is no explicit offline mode for this game.

That said, happy tweaking! :slight_smile:

DISCLAIMER: As I said before in other threads, I don’t like to send people onto fruitless paper chases; there is no guarantee that any of this will help and be worth your time!

I tried disabling DEP, running with Vsync at half refresh rate (30Hz), borderless windowed, different graphics settings (from very low to ultra) and it did nothing to prevent GZ from crashing.

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The tip to disable DEP sometimes is given in case of “BEX64” related errors (which can occur with GZ). BEX stands for “buffer overflow exception”. If I understand correctly, these can also occur if third-party software interferes with the game, such as tools providing on-screen displays (OSD), controlling lighting effects depending on game content (such as sounds, events), or remote control programs such as Team Viewer. Some of these might interfer with GZ and disabling them might help in some cases. A fully clean boot could also be worth a try (disabling any non-Microsoft software and services):

One of the tips from the link was trying without v-sync.

You can limit your FPS without using v-sync through tools such as RTSS (coming with the MSI Afterburner).

That changes absolutely nothing. GZ crashes as usual - after winning combat, or dying while in combat.

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Makes sense. I’d guess that combat related crashes would only benefit if it is those that start with a slow down during massive explosions or other effects. The two you describe might be rival related.

It terrifies me reading post like this one! I have had four crashes since the first two weeks of release. Can I suggest you all run at 35 fps? Works for me…

Well… I tried that, and guess what happened when I killed a pack of runners :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

At the moment I can only play GZ as a client in coop - this way I can play as long as the host don’t quit or crash… sometimes for many hours.

From the play style you described in the past I’d guess that you rarely experience massive battles with 10 or 20 enemies. That might help.

In another thread I had also speculated that with growing save file size there might be conflicts with saves in very quick succession (might be bs, though). Your play style might bring stability here, as well.

Also, you have very specific hardware. Only recently you started playing on a dedicated GPU. And your CPU only has 2 cores. Might be interesting to investigate.

I’d be curious to see whether it matters if the CPU bottle-necks the GPU or vice versa.

Oh, how you love your assumptions, Peggy! Of course I bloody do! These shots are just one side of the buildings - it was the same on the other three sides…

In fact the second one is a bunker, and they were littered into the distance - look at the ammo count - I’d fired just under a thousand rounds in that engagement.


I was just trying to find a pattern and make sense of the seemingly chaotic crashing state of the game. I know that you are playing mindful (vs. run-and-gun, drawing a lot of attention) and often prefer stealth (do I remember correctly?) and I had in mind crashes that happen in large battles where huge explosions lead to system slow-down and eventual crashes.

I did not make any assumptions about your capability of killing a lot of those bastards. No disrespect meant, @Bootie.

(we have gotten a little off-topic)

I know - I’m only ragging you! I’m just fortunate, I suppose. Mind you - my laptop was brand new and had little on it. I make sure that nothing is started and do a reboot every time I play.

The four times I did crash I was not in combat, just minding my own business in the middle of a field.

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